this time of year

The window of migration is fairly narrow.  Anticipation builds leading up to the latter part of April.  By the end of May, the bulk of migratory birds have passed thru on their way to choice breeding habitat.  Some species breed around here and most are pretty well in full breeding mode by the end of May.  Birders live for this special time of the year.  They know that, for many species, it is now or never. They take vacation at this time of year.  They get up early to bird.  They stay out late to bird.  They are glued to the birding websites.  They watch the weather forecasts.  A cold front is moving in???  Great, there might be a fall-out.  Rain?  Who cares.  Mileage?  Who cares.  Break out the camping gear.  Make a reservation at a motel.  Drive all night.  Whatever it takes.  Birders go for it.  Now is the time to put all their time management skills to work.  Over-drive.  Yes.  There will always to time to do those other things come June.

This morning, after breakfast, I headed out to Pinery Provincial Park.  I wanted to buy my seasonal park pass (good until the end of November) and I wanted to take a leisurely walk on the on some of the trails.  I had not been at the Pinery since fall of last year.  Birds were moving thru.  Even before arriving at the park entrance, an adult Bald Eagle flew fairly low across the road in front of me.  As I slowly drove along the picnic loop, I saw an Osprey sitting on a dead limb out over the water.

The 1.0 km long Riverside Trail is one of my favourites.  I took the following pics along the trail.

The 1.0 km long Riverside Trail is one of my favourites.  I took the following pics along the trail.

White-throated Sparrow

Brown Creeper

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Field Sparrow

And the weather man says that tomorrow is supposed to be much like today.  So after my toast and morning coffee, I will be heading over to Clark Wright to see what I can find.

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