Clark Wright Conservation Area

I went a walk at the conservation area this afternoon.  It was overcast, but there was not much in the way of wind.  I saw a silent flycatcher.  It sat for quite some time.  It was not far from the pond at the back.  I am thinking that it was a WILLOW FLYCATCHER because it did not have a prominent eye-ring.  But difficult to say for sure.   Shortly after seeing the flycatcher, I saw a WINTER WREN.  It flew out from under the boardwalk and quickly disappeared in a tangle of brush and I was unable to get it to come out for a second look.  Just as I was approaching the pond, a female EASTERN TOWHEE flew across the trail and began scratching in the leaf litter.  I also saw a RUBY-THROATED KINGLET.

Speaking of litter, someone left behind a plastic water bottle and the bottom half of a green, plastic, 1 litre, pop container.  I gathered them up and took them with me.

I saw several SONG SPARROWS and NORTHERN CARDINALS.  I heard a BLUE JAY calling and I heard both RED-BREASTED and WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCHES.  PINE WARBLERS were singing high in the pines at the rear of the conservation area.

It was a nice walk.


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