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This past week, I received my “kit” for this year’s Breeding Bird Survey in the mail.  The BBS is completed every year during breeding season.  Surveyors re-visit the same area each year.  There is a prescribed route that must be followed exactly.  Bird Studies Canada provides maps, data collection forms, etc.  There is also a window in which the survey must be completed, May 28th to July 17th.  The fellow that has always done the survey with me will be in England for a couple of weeks this year during the “window” period.  I am wondering if any of my readers would be interested in taking my partners place this year.  It is a one-day commitment.  The route is from Kent Bridge to the St Clair National Wildlife Area, near Mitchell’s Bay.  Oh….one thing more that needs to be mentioned…..the first of 50 survey stops has to be done at 5:22 AM. (in Kent Bridge).  That means getting up and leaving for the survey route VERY early in the morning.  Any takers??

2013 was a great year for me with regard to birding.  I set a new “personal” best record in 2013. “Most number of bird species seen in a calendar year”.  334 species. Usually, I get somewhere around the 200-220 mark.  But last year was such a bonus.  Ontario, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas and California all in the same year.  Doubt if I will ever repeat that again.

Throughout the month of May, there are daily bird reports from Point Pelee National Park over the internet, through ONTBIRDS.  I am posting a copy of Friday’s report just to give you some idea of what their reports are like.  Point Pelee is one of the top ten best birding destinations during migration in all of North America.  The park is packed with birders (sometimes more birders than birds) every day throughout the month of May.  Point Pelee is about a two-hour drive from the Strathroy area.  As a result, I usually only get there once (some years twice, some years not at all) during the month of May.  Fallouts (large numbers of migratory birds, grounded due to sudden cold fronts) are rare.  I have been witness to a few, but I have missed more than I have witnessed.

This is Friday’s report:

—–Original Message—–

From: ONTBIRDS [mailto:birdalert-bounces@ontbirds.ca] On Behalf Of Festival of Birds via ONTBIRDS

Sent: Friday, May 02, 2014 11:37 AM

To: Ontbirds

Subject: [Ontbirds] Point Pelee National Park Migration Update – May 2, 2014

Brisk south west winds again this morning making it cool at the Tip.

A few pockets of migrants have been noted throughout the Park.

A group of WILLET were at the Tip this morning first thing. As of writing this report at least one was still lingering there. Birding was more comfortable along the east beach and a number of species were found including PALM WARBLER, YELLOW WARBLER, SCARLET TANAGER and numerous swallow and sparrow species. Also noted was a SCARTLET TANAGER. Several HORNED GREBES were seen in the water at the Tip as well as SURF SCOTER and WHITE-WINGED SCOTER.

Birders who travelled north on the Post Woods Seasonal Trail from the Sparrow Field found an AUDUBON’S race of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER about 300 m south of the Woodland Nature Trail. Also noted along that trail was a HOODED WARBLER.

ACADIAN FLYCATCHERS were reported from the beach end of Shuster’s Trail and the north end of Redbud Trail.

The YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER was again seen on the east side of the Woodland Nature Trail.

Outside the Park, on Concession E (the dike Rd) a LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER and a WILLET were seen in the wet field at the horse pasture.

It was mentioned that the SMITH’S LONGSPURS were still being seen in the fields along the west side of Mersea Rd 21 north of Mersea Rd 2.

Good Birding,

Festival of Birds Hike Leaders: Pete R, Karl, Todd, Justin, John, Sarah, Jean, Jeremy, Ken, Geoff, Ian, Chris, Dave, Peter M, and Claire

The Festival of Birds runs from May 1-19 – for a detailed schedule visit www.festivalofbirds.ca For highlights and other update follow us at www.twitter.com/PointPeleeNP

The Festival is brought to you by Parks Canada – Point Pelee National Park and the Friends of Point Pelee. Hikes are generously supported by Quest Nature tours.




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  1. Posted by windykeep on May 3, 2014 at 1:36 pm

    Thanks Dave

    For the info and the general invite. As attractive as that early morning sounds I’m declining: I really don’t think I have enough knowlege and AND I am currently disabled until I get some sort of surgeries on both knees. So it’s birding by golf cart for me.

    Sigh Lynn

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