Fair weather birding, where I am and what’s ahead.

This past week, we have had a LOT of rain.  It is supposed to continue today and tomorrow.  Better weather is coming, but not until Sunday.  Along with the rain, it has been quite windy.  And the combination of rain and wind makes it feel quite cold.  I must admit that I don’t excited about going out and birding when these weather conditions persist.  I really don’t think of myself as a fair weather birder.  I love wading thru the snow looking for winter birds.  Cold weather is merely just a challenge to surmount.  As long as I’m dressed properly, the cold temperatures don’t bother me.  When I was a kid, wintry weather presented all sorts of opportunities to get out and have fun.  Out came the toboggans, sleds, boots, etc.  Didn’t bother us kids at all because we were having fun.  Same applies today.  The winter weather doesn’t bother me at all, because I can go out and have fun birding.

But rain is another story.  I am not crazy about getting soaked and wandering around in wet clothes.  (Even tho one day this past week, I was so desperate to get outside that I actually went for a 2 hour walk in the rain.)  But it is that time of year.  April showers and all that.  It lays the groundwork.  The grass is beginning to green up.  The trees will be budding out shortly and the birds are beginning to move north into our neck of the woods.

I’ve seen all the duck species I expect to see this year.  I have yet to see any loons so far, but in another week I should see some pass by.  Other than Pied-billed Grebe, I haven’t seen any of the grebes.  Still waiting for my FOY Great Egret.  I expect to see an Osprey this month.  Not sure when or where, but one will surely turn up.  Looking forward to seeing shorebirds soon.  Last night, I remember dreaming about seeing a flock of Bonaparte’s Gulls with a LIttle Gull stuck right there in the middle.   I still don’t have a Great Horned Owl yet this year.  And Woodcocks have been calling out behind my house somewhere.

Goatsuckers, anyone??  I plan to see Common Nighthawk and Whip-poor-will this spring.  And I hope to add a lifebird this spring — Chuck-wills-widow.  A guy can dream, can’t he?  I still need to see my FOY Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Pileated Woodpecker.  I have Eastern Phoebe already.  But the only swallow I’ve seen so far this year is a Tree Swallow.  And I need to get up to the Pinery and add Tufted Titmouse to my year list.  Brown Thrasher should be showing up soon.  Still no wrens have crossed my vision yet this year.  Other than Yellow-rumped warbler, no other warblers have graced my presence.  Still a bit early.  I expect Pine Warbler and Palm Warbler will be next. 

Still looking for my first Eastern Towhee of the spring.  And have I already missed Fox Sparrow??  I hope not.  They migrate early, but I’m sure there still some moving about.  Chipping, Field and Vesper Sparrows are probably hanging out on the other side of Lake Erie.  Come on you guys.  I’m getting hungry.   And how about a little colour?  Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Indigo Bunting and Baltimore Oriole will help out there.

Yes, some species are already here.  But many more are yet to arrive.  But it won’t be long.  And I’m ready and waiting.  Well not exactly just waiting.  I’m out there.  Actively searching them out.  I need to satisfy that hunger.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Brenda Bourdeau on April 12, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    Dave. Finally found the heronry. Thanks for the specific directions. Now to eye the herons!!!

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  2. Posted by brdranne on April 12, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    well put, I feel the same!


  3. Posted by Luann Van Es on April 12, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Hi! I changed my email address through my “account” but am still receiving messages at my old (soon to be deleted) address. I hope this reply is received and my email can be changed from luann66@sympatico.ca to luann66@rogers.com. Thanks, Luann Van Es

    Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 15:12:01 +0000 To: luann66@sympatico.ca


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