Sewage Lagoons

As the temperatures are beginning to inch upwards, the iced up streams, ponds, lakes and SEWAGE LAGOONS are either all thawed out or are in the process.  That means that water birds and gulls will be pulling into the area.  Some are already here.  Spring is the perfect time of year to visit your neighborhood Sewage Lagoons.  Although that may sound a bit disgusting to some, sewage lagoons are generally not the vile-smelling, unsightly areas that many might assume.  They can actually be quite scenic, providing very suitable paths and walkways in which to view waterfowl.  I am including this link to a google map of the sewage lagoons in southwestern Ontario.  I hope the link works as it is a rather lengthy web address.

I am also thinking of planning a day of sewage lagoon exploration.  My question is:  How much interest would there be on the part of readers of this blog in participating in such an exploration?  We could start in Grand Bend and work our way down to Strathroy.   Duck, geese, gulls, shorebirds and more would be encountered.  Most of the sewage lagoons are enclosed by a fence and accessing the lagoons often involves climbing over a gate.  This trip would be an April event.

If such an adventure would be to your liking, please send me an email at:  I would be happy to set up such a trip.  Heck, I’m planning on doing anyway, even if no one else is interested.  But company is always nice.

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  1. I am interested.


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