Went for a drive

This morning, I jumped in the car and headed to have a look around.  I was on the look-out for RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS.  I drove west of Strathroy and ended up driving to Watford and then south to the Petrolia Line and then back towards Strathroy.  Not too far from home.  The temperature was just around the freezing mark.  But the sun was out totally and the sky was blue.  The snow and ice was melting.  Miniature streams were crossing the road in places.

Birds were around.  Red-tailed Hawks were very active.  Just scanning the skies, especially over the wood-lots, with my binoculars, brought many into focus.  And many were seen just perched in trees.  In addition to Tails, I saw a total of 1 light-phase and 4 dark-phase Rough-legged Hawks. 

I did not spot any American Kestrels. 

American Crows were on the move.  I saw one sizable group of approx 70 individuals.  In addition, I kept seeing smaller groups of 4 to 6 birds.  And then of course there were several “couples”, already paired up for the season

I saw a good-sized flock of Common Redpolls of approx. 50 birds, also.  They were along the edge of the road feeding on teasel, one of the favourite food sources.  I just stopped the car (middle of no-where) and watched them forage on the ground under the winter-ravaged teasel.

A flock of about 40 House Sparrows gathered in several hawthorn bushes alongside the road.

Horned Larks were evident in almost every field I drove past,  Usually in pairs.

And I don’t want to forget to mention the blackbirds.  Well sort of.  Starlings, actually.  They were spread out in many locations.  Small groups for the most part.  And it appeared they were ”moving north”. 

But NO Red-winged Blackbirds, today.  There must be some around here somewhere.  I just missed them today.  I will head out again on Friday and have another look,

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Lynn Sanders on March 6, 2013 at 9:35 am

    I have a strong feeling Dave’s going to win the blackbird challenge.


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