Long Point Provincial Park on Wednesday and a couple of neat sightings closer to home on Thursday

This park in Ontario is part of a 40-kilometre-long sandspit in Lake Erie.  It is recognized as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations. It is a world-renowned refuge and stopover for migrating birds in fall and spring. Every spring for quite a number of years now, I make a couple of pilgramages to the park.  It is about a 1½ hr. drive from my home in Strathroy.  Usually once in March and another visit in April.  Generally, I don’t stay very long.  I always head to the banding station on Old Cut Road first.  Banding nets are set up early in the morning and I believe they come down at noon.  They are checked every 20 minutes. 

Brown Creeper caught in banding net

Yesterday, as I wandered the trails around the netting area, the trees were full of GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS and BROWN CREEPERS.  I heard a CAROLINA WREN singing but couldn’t locate it. 

Kinglets are difficult to photograph because they hardly ever sit still.

NORTHERN FLICKERS and DARK-EYED JUNCOS were moving thru the trees, heading north.  AMERICAN ROBINS and NORTHERN CARDINALS were flitting around.  The weather was perfect in the morning. 

The banders are very co-operative.  One of the banders brought out this CAROLINA WREN to show me and to allow me to photograph it.

After leaving the banding station, I drove around the area for a bit before turning around and heading back home.

That was on Wednesday.  Today, Thursday, I had to drive to Sarnia.  I decided to take the “lesser” road.  Confederation Line instead of the Highway 402 or Egremont.  And I am glad that I did because I saw not just one, but two SNOWY OWLS along the way.  The 1st one was seen in a field opposite (north) of the Autotube Plant just east of Watford.  The second SNOWY was seen in a field east of the Mandaumin Sideroad.    I was beaming.  Still am.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Brenda Bourdeau on March 29, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    I Love Long Point–and have been to the banding centre. Great area for bird watching and will try to make my way there soon.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Snowy Owls would love to see them


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