Owl Prowl

The first bird outing of 2012 will be an “Owl Prowl”.   And just what is an Owl Prowl?  Well, this is when a group of people go out together with the primary intention of seeing and/or hearing owls.  Sounds simple and fun and it is.  This trip is scheduled for Saturday, February 25th.  

Plan on meeting at the parking lot of the Seniors Centre in downtown Strathroy at 3 PM Saturday afternoon.  Bring along your cameras and binoculars.  I will bring my telescope.  Dress appropriately as we will be getting out of the vehicles to watch and listen.  We can car-pool from the Seniors Centre and travel caravan-style to several locations.  We should be back in Strathroy between 7 and 7:30 in the evening.  You may want to bring along a snack, a thermos of coffee, etc, as this trip will take about 4 hours.

We will begin the trip with a drive out to Seed Road to look for SNOWY OWLS.  Then we will head down to the Melbourne area to look for SHORT-EARED OWLS.  Along the way, we will keep an eye open for hawks, eagles and any other birds that might catch our eye.  (Even though it is an owl prowl, it is difficult to ignore other birds that we encounter along the way, right?)  SHORT-EARED OWLS come out just as it is starting to get dark.  Once it is dark, we will head back towards Strathroy, stopping at various woodlots along the way to listen for EASTERN SCREECH OWLS and GREAT HORNED OWLS.  If we are lucky, there is the possibility that we could get all four species of owls.

There are lots of hawks and some eagles down in the Melbourne area.  I was there this afternoon scouting things out and I saw two BALD EAGLES, an adult and an immature.   This is a picture I took this afternoon.

If you have any questions about this trip or suggestions for future trips, please email me at theskins@rogers.com  I will be happy to reply to all inquires.

Good luck and good birding.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I am going to try to join you and might bring a friend. Thanks for organizing!


  2. Posted by Erin Carroll on February 16, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    I don’t think I will be able to make it. We are hosting a Wood Duck Box building workshop that day at work and I already volunteered to help.

    Good luck owl seeking, I will be watching your site to see what you find.


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