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If you are the sort of person that is interested in birds and birding (and you must be or you wouldn’t be turning to this web site), you may or may not be aware of a couple of different ways to say “tuned in” to what is going on in the “world of birding” locally and provincially. 

First provincially.  There is an organization named the ONTARIO FEDERATION OF ORNITHOLOGISTS or OFO for short.  Many birders in Ontario belong to this group.  There is a yearly membership fee and as a member you receive subscriptions to a couple of periodicals that deal with birding in Ontario.  However, the OFO has an excellent website that details their numerous field trips, their publications, an Ontario checklist of birds, articles about Ontario birding and information about ONTBIRDS.  ONTBIRDS is a forum for posting “important” bird sightings in Ontario.  On the OFO website, you can look at and read the archived postings of ONTBIRDS or you can add your email address to the list that automatically receives emails of each posting.  This is a great way of staying current with most of the good bird sightings in our province.

Some of you readers are probably already aware of ONTBIRDS.  But some of you may not be.  And if you are not familiar with it, I recommend that you access the site by clicking on the link in the previous paragraph.  ONTBIRDS is how I found out about the MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD being seen down near the Shetland Conservation Area.  And this posting gave directions that I followed and allowed me to have a look at this beautiful bird, not all that far from home.

A second method of staying current with sightings even closer to home is to access the Middlesex/Elgin/Oxford Counties Natural History Observations website (midd_elgi_observations, for short).  Birding and other natural history observations are posted on this site.  Again, you can go to the site and read the archived postings, or you can subscribe to the postings and have them emailed to your home email address. 

These are just a couple of ways to stay “in touch” with area birding news and observations.  There is so much information out there right at your fingertips.

Good birding!

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