Trip to Rondeau – May 15th – UPDATE

Rain is forecast for Sunday, the 15th.    😦  😦    However, this trip is going forward, rain or not.  Rainy conditions can often be good for finding and viewing birds and their activity.  It forces them to stop and rest from their migration and often they are seen quite low.  But who knows for sure what we will find.  We’ll go and make the best of it.  See you on Sunday. 

This is just a reminder about our planned trip to Rondeau.  The details are on the “2011 – Planned Trips” page.  Rondeau Provincial Park is located on the shores of Lake Erie.  The drive to Rondeau will take about 1½ hours.  Bird migration is in full swing.  Places like Long Point Provincial Park, Rondeau Provincial Park and Point Pelee are premier areas to look for birds during migration due to the fact that they “jut” out into Lake Erie and provide a desirable “landing strip” for birds following their flight across the water.  A place to rest and feed.  This is especially true following a rain storm.  As a rule of thumb, migration thru this area peaks around the 15th.  Of course, different species of birds migrate at different times of the month or year.  But the great flood of birds north is generally taking place in mid-May.    So bring a sack lunch and appropriate wearing apparel.  There is a nice Visitor Centre at the park with a wonderful indoor viewing window that looks out at numerous bird feeders.

We will be leaving the Strathroy Senior Centre parking area at 8 AM sharp.  So please arrive before then so we can have a chance to arrange the car pooling.

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