Seen any interestings birds lately??

How about a FOX SPARROW???   Saturday morning I saw a COMMON LOON fly over the house headed north.  There are alot of ducks to be seen at the Strathroy Water Treatment site on Pike road, just west of Strathroy.  WILD TURKEY’S are showing up everywhere.  At the intersection of Falconbridge and Melbourne Road there is a wetland.  If you pull over to the side of the road (on Falconbridge) and listen and watch, there is a good chance you will see and hear COMMON SNIPE.  Have you spotted a NORTHERN FLICKER yet this spring??  I still haven’t seen a PILEATED WOODPECKER this year yet, have you????  Is anyone interested in spending a few hours touring the backroads to see how many different sparrows we can find????  Any other ideas for a fun birding adventure????  Send me an email at

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