The Swans are coming, the Swans are coming

One of the more spectacular natural sights that can be witnessed in this area is the return of the Tundra Swans each spring as they move north to their breeding grounds in the northern tundra.  Along the way, they stop at various staging areas to rest and re-fuel.  There is just such a staging area in the Thedford/Grand Bend area.  If you travel to this area at the right time in March, it can be possible to see thousands of swans in the fields and skies.  It is truly a beautiful sight to behold.  Here is a link to a web-site that can provide more information:

The Strathroy Area Birding Club is planning an excursion to view the swans on Saturday, March 19th.  We plan to meet at the parking area across from the Strathroy Seniors Centre at 10 AM.  We will car-pool from this point and go “caravan style” to an area where the swans can be viewed.  There is no charge.  From there, we will drive on some back roads to look for other birds in the area and then stop at a restaurant for lunch.  Please join us for an exciting natural adventure.

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