Trip Report – Afternoon Bird Drive

Les Griffiths and Dave Skinner drove out from Strathroy around 1 PM, Wednesday afternoon, January 26, 2011.  We drove down Calvert Drive to Springfield Road.  Drove down Springfield Drive to Hyndman Road.  Hyndman to Melbourne.  Melbourne to Switzer.  Switzer to Mayfair and up Mayfair to Calvert.  We got back around 5 PM.

We began just driving very slowly down Springfield Road.  We scanned the roadside, the woodlots, trees in the distance.  We also stopped once in a while (near woodlots) and turned off the car engine to listen for any bird song that might be floating around out there.  We also kept our eyes open for any obvious bird feeders that people along the drive might have.  We saw the occasional RED-TAILED HAWK and some BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES, DOWNY WOODPECKERS, BLUE JAYS, HORNED LARKS, WILD TURKEYS, a SHARP-SHINNED HAWK and AMERICAN CROWS.

But once we crossed over Longwoods Drive, we began seeing numerous hawks, both RED-TAILED and ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS.  They were highly concentrated in this area.  We saw quite a few on Switzer between Melbourne and Springfield.  Also, along Switzer, there is a manure pile.  This pile had about 25 SNOW  BUNTINGS feeding and keeping warm.

We turned onto Mayfair and headed north.  Along here, we spotted an AMERICAN KESTREL.  As the afternoon was wearing on, we moved along Mayfair at a greater speed, still keeping our eyes open for birds, of course.  Just before we reached Calvert, Les spotted a BALD EAGLE.  He took this picture of the bird.

It was a terrific day.  Les and Dave did not see LOTS of birds, but we did have some great looks and had fun exploring some nice countryside.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations, Dave, from west Texas on starting your Birding Club. I will be watching you guys to see what birds you come up with.



  2. Works good, Les. I am working Fri-Sun so I don’t have much time to think about it though right now.


  3. Posted by Les Griffiths on January 28, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Hi Dave
    Just ‘checkin’ that this works.


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